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Heartworm Treatment For Cats And Dogs

By Niall Kennedy

The treatment for heartworms is different for cats and dogs. Do not ever give medicine intended for a cat to your dog or vice versa.

Once your pet has heartworms the treatment is not easy. You want to rid your pet of heartworms but many factors need to be looked at before proceeding. Your veterinarian will have to do many tests to determine how many worms your pet has, how it is affecting your pet and if your pet can handle the side effects of the medication.

Let’s first look at the treatment of heartworms for dogs. The first thing that will have to be done is an evaluation of your dog and what treatment is necessary to stabilize them for treatment for heartworms and then the elimination of all the heartworms and larvae.

The adult heartworms will be killed first, then comes the larvae and the microfilaria. Both have to kill with different treatments. There are side effects that can happen that are very dangerous to your dog while ridding them of the adult heartworm. As the adult heartworms die they can become lodged in the arteries. The arteries are already inflamed by the presence of these worms but as the worms decompose the arteries can become more inflamed and your dog will need to be watched carefully for things like this that may occur during treatment. Sometimes, according to how infested your dog is with heartworms, he may need to stay at the hospital for proper care. Talking with your veterinarian will ease your mind and let you know the best options for your dog.

The treatment for heartworms in cats may be no treatment. Cats are very hard to treat for heartworms. The side effects of the dying worms cause at least one third of the cats treated life threatening problems. Cats can not also take some of the medications available for eliminating heartworms. Your veterinarian will have to do many tests to determine if your cat should undergo treatment.

As with all disease prevention is better than the treatment. Before your pet can get heartworm disease talk with your veterinarian and find medications that can prevent heartworms in your pet from ever happening.

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